What’s a Cody do?

Cody Stetzel lying on the floor of his apartment in Davis, California in collaboration on a video project with Ryan Meyer.


Cody Stetzel is a Seattle resident who works within electrical engineering and multiphysics system analysis. He is currently a volunteer events organizer for Open Books: A Poem Emporium, and a staff book reviewer for Glass Poetry Press. Previously, he has worked as managing editor for Five:2:One Magazine, and he has been poetry editor for Rise Up Review, a reader and correspondent for the Pen City Writers program, and Fig’n’Axle reading series director.

He received his Masters in Creative Writing for Poetry from the University of California at Davis. He received two BAs from SUNY Cortland: an English Literature degree and a Professional Writing degree.

His writing can be found previously in the Colorado Review, Birmingham Arts Journal, Across the Margins, Boston Accent Literature, Aster(ix) Journal, Glass: A journal of poetry, and more. Find him on twitter @pretzelco or instagram @codypretzel.


Cody Stetzel grew up in upstate New York, outside of Rochester, where he spent a hair more than two decades trembling against the socio-cultural environs of the Northeastern U.S. After completing his undergraduate degrees from SUNY Cortland, he went on to the central valley of California to complete his master’s degree, and has since resided in the PNW.

A multi-faceted editor, artist, and digital marketer, Cody has edited individual poems, essays, stories, and hybrid creative writing works, provided consultation and feedback on creative writing manuscripts, collaborated with artists on painting and video projects exhibited at the Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art, and worked tirelessly to build and develop the creative writing community.

Current Materials: Arts, Projects, and Interests

Currently, Cody is working on one project primarily: a collection of poems centering around the idea of ‘ecomelancholy,’ the reflection of our psychological traumas through the corruption and deterioration of environments. This work is primarily focused on the subject of bears, human-bear interaction, and survivability.

Additionally, Cody is working on a few projects:

  • A hybrid work on graph and graphing poetics intended to subjectify mathematics
  • An eco-fantasy novel
  • A poetry manuscript focusing on the queer melancholy of the titan Atlas
  • A collaborative book of love poems
  • A collection of short aphoristic style creative nonfiction pieces