Services | Freelance Writing, Editing, and Consultation Rates

Employment Services

First, thanks for considering hiring me. Allow me to give two perspectives before diving in.

For digital marketing necessities or desires, my availability is limited, however, I am always timely and direct with my capacity and intentions. You can look at my linkedin for my history in digital marketing, but for a more personal note: I have project management and SEO certifications, have lead multiple content teams for between 5 and 10 writers and editors, am the sole content strategist for clients who’ve seen year-over-year rises from 3,000 to 630,000 users, and bring an all-encompassing, organized, and jovial view to your marketing teams.

For creative writing and editing needs, I am always available for request and willing to work with you on a timeline that fits your needs. I have a sliding scale for creative writing endeavors, and am incredibly willing to work with you to find a price or trade that is both amenable, affordable, and allows you to retain value by the end.

Digital Marketing Services

Evaluation and Consultation: If you are in need of an evaluation or consultation on your current or projected content marketing campaign. I am qualified and capable to: identify vulnerabilities in your campaign, determine industrial trends, organize a campaign, and/or provide feedback on your digital marketing workflow.

My rate will be reflective of the scope of your project and the state it is currently in.

Content Strategizing: Content strategy is not only my specialty, but a profound passion of mine. If you or your team are looking to begin or improve a content marketing campaign, you may hire me to plan, layout the workflow, and educate continued success for this campaign for a period of time.

My rate is dependent on several factors:
How much would you like to post on a weekly or monthly basis?
How much time would you like content to be mapped out for?
How much education is necessary to ensure future campaign success?

A minimal-acceptable-posting schedule, one-month content strategy (4-6 posts) with strategic and SEO education would be $650.

Additional content (20+ posts), longer-term (3-6 months), or outlined posts (to give clear, easy-to-follow instructions for content creation) will all require extra investment. I am willing to negotiate prices.

Social Optimization and Amplification: If you are looking to jump into the social media game with a profound and immediate impact, I can certainly be of service. With my project management background, I can provide organization and posting schedule analysis for your social media implementation, on top of moderate and engage your audience for a period of time. Furthermore, my content amplification experience enables me to find the best outlets to get your content to all forms of your audience with charm and timeliness.

My rate for social optimization and amplification services is adjusted based on scope-of-work and size of current platform.

Freelance Writing Services

Looking to hire me to write SEO content for you? My freelance assignment rate is $180 per post written. This will be adjusted based on quick turn-around times, and the size of post demanded.

Interested in what I have to say about particular subject matters? I am available for short or long-form creative writing assignments, essays, blurbs, and interviews on a sliding scale. Some of my largest passions include: post-industry regional economics, ecology and environmentalism, and gender and sexuality culture and political writings.

Editing Creative Works

I love getting the opportunity to support and work with writers on their in-progress poems, stories, essays, or manuscripts. I do not demand payment for individual poem, story, or essay consultation and instead ask for a donation minimum as seen below. For manuscript feedback, due to the scope, attention, and time invested, I have a minimum necessary rate.

For poem feedback: I would ask for a donation at the rate of $5 per page of poem.

For story or essay feedback: I would ask for a donation at the rate of $1/100-words (i.e. $25 for 2500 words, $80 for 8000 words, etc.)

For manuscript consultations: My minimum necessary rate for a book of poetry is $70. If you are looking to employ me for manuscript feedback on a book of fiction or essays, please message me beforehand regarding why you’d like me to offer my insight on your work, and what you hope to gain from it. I would like to be extremely considerate of your time and work.