Welcome to an Emotional Carnival

There are a few unique intersections in my life that you may have come to my website for. Let me make things a bit more clear.

I am a digital marketer with an advanced fluency in the application of SEO, site architecture, inbound marketing, content amplification, and natural language processing. I have primarily specialized in applying this throughout the electronic hardware design industry, and pride myself in having innovated much of the online content presence of this industry.

I am additionally a creative writer with poetry publications, as well as poetry book reviews, mostly within the realm of my current first book that is being shopped around, On Bearing. Having spent a good deal of time deep in the beautiful world of the behavioral, ecological, and biological study of bears, my work attempts to complicate the poetic image of the bear and ground it more directly in the environmental affects of interaction between bear and humankind.

I am creating on this site a consortium of delight and improvement. Having worked with friends and colleagues alike for several years, as well as from my time as a teacher, I discovered I miss teaching sorely from the aspect of being a sounding board for others’ desires for understanding their emotions and communicative needs. I have begun to write a series of blogs and articles on emotional development, adult learning, and improving communicative practices that serve as complimentary to the foundational project I have named Espials. Espials are intended as independent studies for adult learners looking for the improvement of their self. They consist of 60 – 150 pages of pre-selected essays and creative works, as well as exercises intended to complicate and deepen one’s understanding of difficult-to-discuss experiences.

To carry out any project to which you attach your own name you have to love yourself.

Elena Ferrante